Teaser: Introducing Miss Mitzvah (the Podcast)!

I’ve been working on Miss Mitzvah as an interactive art project for almost two years now and I wanted to do this podcast to share not just my story, but the stories of so many of the women that I have spoken to and engaged with over the course of the last couple years. Tune in for a short teaser of the season to come. This 8 minute mini-episode tells a bit of my tale as a tweenage Jewess growing up in New York and helps create context for the project at large. Get ready for 10 episodes chock full of nauseating nostalgia and cringeworthy coming of age stories from across North America.



Host and Creative Direction: Zoe Penina Baker

Music and Production: Sophia Lanman

Editing: Julie Berube

Special thanks to the Museum of Jewish Montreal

Archival images courtesy of the Jewish Public Library Archives